2014 Vermont State Employees Salaries

Other years available for State Employees

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Scott A Rogers 2014 Transportation Director of Maintenance Transportation 97,834.00 Profile
Mary G Harlow 2014 Magistrate/Family Court Courts 97,782.00 Profile
Robert D Ide 2014 Commissioner Transportation 97,667.00 Profile
Kathleen A Schauer 2014 Insurance Examiner III Finance 97,531.00 Profile
David A Notte 2014 Captain Public Safety 97,185.00 Profile
Ronald W Behrns 2014 Director of Finance Economics/Business Administration General Services 97,155.00 Profile
Paul T Daley 2014 Financial Director II Health 97,015.00 Profile
Thomas D Ball 2014 Director of Labor Relations Human Resources 96,968.00 Profile
Edward B Von Turkovich 2014 Director Governmental Business Services General Services 96,968.00 Profile
Christine Thompson 2014 Environmental Conservation Director II Environmental Conservation 96,968.00 Profile
Leo V Clark 2014 Financial Director III Social/Human Services 96,968.00 Profile
Steven A Cray 2014 Adjutant General Military/Veterans Affairs 96,963.00 Profile
Darren M Springer 2014 Deputy Commissioner General Services 96,858.00 Profile
Kenneth A Schatz 2014 General Counsel II Social/Human Services 96,837.00 Profile
Wendy Morgan 2014 Legal Division Chief Attorney General/Legal 96,837.00 Profile
Scot L Kline 2014 Legal Division Chief Attorney General/Legal 96,837.00 Profile
Ronald D Gray 2014 Senior Manager I Transportation 96,780.00 Profile
David F Provost 2014 Deputy Commissioner Finance 96,706.00 Profile
Robert J Hammerl 2014 Information Technician Manager III Natural Resources 96,585.00 Profile
Linda Purdy 2014 Legal Division Chief Attorney General/Legal 96,421.00 Profile
Ronald A Shems 2014 Natural Resources Board Chair Natural Resources 96,414.00 Profile
Dale L Perron 2014 Senior Manager I Transportation 96,179.00 Profile
Robin J Lunge 2014 Director/Health Care Reform Administration 96,146.00 Profile
Michael J Hogan 2014 Commissioner Alcohol Beverage Control 96,090.00 Profile
Geoffrey Commons 2014 Director/Public Advocacy General Services 95,947.00 Profile