2014 Vermont State Employees Salaries

Other years available for State Employees

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Susanne R Young 2014 Deputy Attorney General Attorney General/Legal 109,194.00 Profile
Susan L Fowler 2014 Judge of Probate Courts 108,693.00 Profile
David E Burley 2014 Facilities Director General Services 107,803.00 Profile
Robert J Rea Jr 2014 Facilities Director General Services 107,726.00 Profile
Dan L Petterson 2014 Director of Captive Examination Finance 107,683.00 Profile
Kaj Samsom 2014 Insurance Examinations Director Finance 107,683.00 Profile
Thomas Van Cooper 2014 Insurance Regulations Director Finance 107,500.00 Profile
Dixie L Henry 2014 Deputy Secretary Social/Human Services 107,325.00 Profile
Justin G Johnson 2014 Deputy Secretary Natural Resources 107,325.00 Profile
Susan M Minter 2014 Deputy Secretary Transportation 107,133.00 Profile
Christopher Recchia 2014 Commissioner General Services 107,133.00 Profile
Susan L Donegan 2014 Commissioner Finance 107,133.00 Profile
Michael J Clasen 2014 Deputy Secretary Administration 107,133.00 Profile
David Yacovone 2014 Commissioner Social/Human Services 107,133.00 Profile
Mark Larson 2014 Commissioner Health 107,133.00 Profile
Andrew A Pallito 2014 Commissioner Corrections 107,133.00 Profile
Janet C Murnane 2014 Senior Assistant Attorney General Attorney General/Legal 107,120.00 Profile
Jeffrey P Cohen 2014 Child Support Services Director Social/Human Services 106,924.00 Profile
W M Hedges 2014 Administrative Civil Engineer Transportation 106,884.00 Profile
William H Laferriere 2014 Director of Property Services General Services 106,783.00 Profile
Melissa A Jackson 2014 Administrator Veteran's Home Military/Veterans Affairs 106,053.00 Profile
Breena W Holmes 2014 Maternal/Child Health Director Health 106,040.00 Profile
Michael C Pratt 2014 Hearing Officer Courts 105,097.00 Profile
Richard M Tetreault 2014 Transportation Director of Project Development Transportation 104,728.00 Profile
Pamela P Dalley 2014 Economic Benefits Director Social/Human Services 104,715.00 Profile