2014 Vermont State Employees Salaries

Other years available for State Employees

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Brian R Searles 2014 Secretary Transportation 123,832.00 Profile
George B Spaulding 2014 Secretary Administration 123,832.00 Profile
Carol R Hassler 2014 Director Child W/Special Health Needs Health 123,739.00 Profile
Edward D Hurley 2014 Disability Determination Medical Consultant Social/Human Services 121,619.00 Profile
Harry L Chen 2014 Commissioner Health 121,277.00 Profile
Wayne B Gammell 2014 Senior Manager III Transportation 120,957.00 Profile
Patsy T Kelso 2014 State Epidemiologist Health 120,841.00 Profile
Lawrence W Miller II 2014 Secretary Commerce/Community Development 119,062.00 Profile
Thomas J Lesperance 2014 Colonel Public Safety 118,977.00 Profile
Norman A Portalupi 2014 Senior Manager III Transportation 117,318.00 Profile
Susan M Wehry 2014 Commissioner Social/Human Services 117,019.00 Profile
Kathleen Bushey 2014 Associate Director of Nursing Health 116,554.00 Profile
Keith W Flynn 2014 Commissioner Public Safety 114,738.00 Profile
Michael D Davis 2014 Director of Health System Finances Other 114,165.00 Profile
Richard Boes 2014 Commissioner Information Technology 113,966.00 Profile
William H Sorrell 2014 Attorney General Attorney General/Legal 113,901.00 Profile
James S Arthur 2014 Oral Health Director Health 113,601.00 Profile
Paul A Dupre 2014 Commissioner Health 113,361.00 Profile
William E Griffin 2014 Chief Assistant Attorney General Attorney General/Legal 113,002.00 Profile
William D Sheets 2014 Major/State Police Public Safety 112,535.00 Profile
Paul R Rousseau 2014 Chief Financial Officer Administration 111,753.00 Profile
Patricia Gabel 2014 State Court Administrator Courts 110,880.00 Profile
Alfred J Gobeille 2014 Chair/Green Mountain Care Board Other 110,862.00 Profile
Sandra A Bigglestone 2014 Director of Captive Insurance Finance 109,347.00 Profile
Walter W Goodell 2014 Major/State Police Public Safety 109,324.00 Profile