2013 Vermont State Employees Salaries

Other years available for State Employees

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
George Desch 2013 Environmental Conservation Director II Environmental Conservation 100,627.00 Profile
Breena W Holmes 2013 Maternal Child Health Director Health 100,474.00 Profile
Scott A Rogers 2013 Transportation Director of Maintenance Transportation 99,814.00 Profile
Kate G Duffy 2013 Commissioner Human Resources 99,751.00 Profile
Laurie D Sabens 2013 Information Technology Manager II Social/Human Services 99,735.00 Profile
James B Reardon 2013 Commissioner Finance 99,549.00 Profile
Charles Piasecki 2013 Administrative Insurance Examiner Insurance/Banking 99,464.00 Profile
Michael J Obuchowski 2013 Commissioner General Services 99,057.00 Profile
Dan L Petterson 2013 Director of Captive Examination Insurance/Banking 98,774.00 Profile
Anne M Noonan 2013 Commissioner Labor/Workforce 98,755.00 Profile
Peter N LaFlamme 2013 Environmental Conservation Director III Environmental Conservation 98,697.00 Profile
Bradley L Ferland 2013 Director/Financial Operations Finance 98,416.00 Profile
Edward D O'Leary 2013 Operations Director Parks & Recreation 97,762.00 Profile
John G Wood Jr 2013 Deputy Commissioner Public Safety 97,634.00 Profile
Matthew Valerio 2013 Defender General Attorney General/Legal 97,628.00 Profile
Gilbert H Newbury 2013 Manager IV Transportation 97,389.00 Profile
Mary N Peterson 2013 Commissioner Taxes 97,338.00 Profile
William E Ahearn 2013 Manager IV Transportation 97,085.00 Profile
Alan P Campo 2013 Manager IV Transportation 97,015.00 Profile
Charles A Biss 2013 Director Community Mental Health Child/Family Services Health 97,015.00 Profile
Phillips B Keller III 2013 Insurance Rates Forms Director Insurance/Banking 97,015.00 Profile
Christine J Brock 2013 Superior Court Clerk III Courts 96,816.00 Profile
William B Talbott 2013 Deputy Commissioner Education 96,721.00 Profile
Katheran L Thayer 2013 Financial Director III Commerce/Community Development 96,711.00 Profile
James C Giffin 2013 Chief Financial Officer Social/Human Services 96,519.00 Profile