2013 Vermont State Employees Salaries

Other years available for State Employees

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Raymond H Keefe 2013 Captain Public Safety 106,621.00 Profile
Norman A Portalupi 2013 Manager VI Transportation 106,194.00 Profile
Sandra A Bigglestone 2013 Director of Captive Insurance Insurance/Banking 105,922.00 Profile
David E Burley 2013 Facilities Director General Services 105,822.00 Profile
Robert J Rea Jr 2013 Facilities Director General Services 105,568.00 Profile
Thomas Van Cooper 2013 Insurance Regulations Director Insurance/Banking 105,464.00 Profile
Mark Larson 2013 Commissioner Health 105,114.00 Profile
David Yacovone 2013 Commissioner Social/Human Services 105,086.00 Profile
Andrew A Pallito 2013 Commissioner Corrections 105,030.00 Profile
Robert L Evans 2013 Captain Public Safety 105,004.00 Profile
David J Covell 2013 Captain Public Safety 104,982.00 Profile
Donald A Patch 2013 Captain Public Safety 104,809.00 Profile
Susan L Fowler 2013 Judge Of Probate Courts 104,574.00 Profile
Paul R Rousseau 2013 Chief Financial Officer General Services 104,104.00 Profile
Melissa A Jackson 2013 Administrative Veterans Home Military/Veterans Affairs 104,028.00 Profile
Michael J Clasen 2013 Deputy Secretary Administration 103,974.00 Profile
Francis X Aumand III 2013 Criminal Justice Services Director Public Safety 103,617.00 Profile
Stephen R Vantine 2013 Audit Manager Audit 103,571.00 Profile
William H Laferriere 2013 Director of Property Services General Services 103,276.00 Profile
Jeffrey P Cohen 2013 Child Support Services Director Social/Human Services 102,622.00 Profile
Richard M Tetreault 2013 Transportation Director of Project Development Transportation 102,534.00 Profile
Kaj Samsom 2013 Insurance Examinations Director Insurance/Banking 102,516.00 Profile
Patrick H McCabe 2013 Director Information Technology Labor/Workforce 101,624.00 Profile
Timothy A Clouatre 2013 Captain Public Safety 101,572.00 Profile
Thomas P Hurd 2013 Information Technology Manager II Transportation 101,403.00 Profile