2013 Vermont State Employees Salaries

Other years available for State Employees

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Angela M Leclerc 2013 Director Information Technology Information Technology 90,164.00 Profile
Michael C Snyder 2013 Commissioner Parks & Recreation 90,126.00 Profile
Patrick H Berry 2013 Commissioner Fish & Wildlife 90,126.00 Profile
Brian H Leven 2013 Deputy Secretary of State Secretary of State 90,110.00 Profile
Richard B Gauthier 2013 Executive Director Attorney General/Legal 90,106.00 Profile
John H Bloomer Jr 2013 Secretary Of Senate Legislative 90,006.00 Profile
Georgia J Maheras 2013 Executive Director Other 90,002.00 Profile
Richard G Giddings 2013 Deputy Commissioner Social/Human Services 90,002.00 Profile
Charles L Borie 2013 Natural Resources Board Administrator Natural Resources 89,770.00 Profile
Barbara A Cimaglio 2013 Deputy Commissioner Health 89,766.00 Profile
Mark J DiStefano 2013 Staff Attorney V Attorney General/Legal 89,600.00 Profile
Matthew T Birmingham 2013 Lieutenant Public Safety 89,489.00 Profile
David M Martini 2013 Health Policy Director Insurance/Banking 89,064.00 Profile
Gary S Kessler 2013 Environmental Conservation Director I Environmental Conservation 89,064.00 Profile
Mary Bachman 2013 General Counsel I Taxes 88,824.00 Profile
David P Mitchell 2013 Director of Nursing Health 88,820.00 Profile
Anna Saxman 2013 Deputy Defender General Attorney General/Legal 88,800.00 Profile
Sean A Foley 2013 Utilities Financial Economic Analyst Other 88,668.00 Profile
Michael E Kennedy 2013 Bar Counsel Courts 88,597.00 Profile
Janet L Isham 2013 Nursing Supervisor Health 88,575.00 Profile
Tina M Bohl 2013 Manager III Transportation 88,420.00 Profile
Margaret C Schelley 2013 Special Education Finance Manager Education 88,420.00 Profile
Jolinda LaClair 2013 Deputy Secretary Agriculture 88,394.00 Profile
Hunt Blair 2013 Deputy Commissioner Health 88,387.00 Profile
Martha L Reid 2013 State Librarian Library 88,250.00 Profile