2014 Vermont State Employees Salaries

Other years available for State Employees

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Dian I Kahn 2014 Director of Analysis/Data Management Other 85,982.00 Profile
Pamela L Johnson 2014 Deputy State's Attorney Attorney General/Legal 85,926.00 Profile
Glendon W Button 2014 Motor Vehicle Enforcement/Safety Director Transportation 85,858.00 Profile
Tammy J Ellis 2014 Senior Manager I Transportation 85,858.00 Profile
Renea S Bordeau 2014 Financial Director II Transportation 85,858.00 Profile
Judith Henkin 2014 Health Policy Director Other 85,858.00 Profile
Marion A Paris 2014 Residential Services Manager Social/Human Services 85,754.00 Profile
Matthew Considine 2014 Principal Assistant State Treasurer 85,718.00 Profile
John Fischer 2014 Deputy Commissioner Education 85,718.00 Profile
Sarah E London 2014 Legal Counsel Governor's Office 85,718.00 Profile
Michael P Ledden 2014 Staff Attorney IV Attorney General/Legal 85,699.00 Profile
Margaret M Jansch 2014 Staff Attorney IV Attorney General/Legal 85,699.00 Profile
Joanne Baltz 2014 Staff Attorney IV Attorney General/Legal 85,699.00 Profile
Linda M Richard 2014 Director/Planning/Court Services Courts 85,692.00 Profile
Linda Davidson 2014 Nursing Board Executive Office Secretary of State 85,466.00 Profile
Francis A Reed 2014 Deputy Commissioner Health 85,464.00 Profile
Stuart E Gladding 2014 Community Corrections Manager Corrections 85,389.00 Profile
Frank Anthony Costantino 2014 Telecommunications Director Information Technology 85,274.00 Profile
Mary L Morrissey 2014 Deputy State's Attorney Attorney General/Legal 85,245.00 Profile
Katherine M McNamara 2014 Assistant State Veterinarian Agriculture 85,089.00 Profile
Ernest Christianson 2014 Waste Water Engineering Manager Environmental Conservation 85,069.00 Profile
Mary L Borg 2014 Assistant Division Director Environmental Conservation 85,069.00 Profile
Shawn E Skaflestad 2014 Quality Improvement Manager Social/Human Services 85,069.00 Profile
June Tierney 2014 General Counsel General Services 85,054.00 Profile
Mary E Bizzari 2014 Pharmacy Operations Manager Health 84,983.00 Profile